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  1. Keep posting! Don't forget the #MyDurant hashtag.
  2. Attend the Community Forums
  3. Prepare to showcase our community and city!
  4. Volunteer

It's super easy, free, and will be one of the criteria for Durant making it to the Finals. Every person can make an impact. Speak up on social media! The best way to help is through social media posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter about how awesome Durant is.

We've been assigned a special code to use so the Small Business Revolution can find relevant posts easily. Durant's code is: #MYDURANT

Uppercase or lowercase doesn't matter -- just use #MyDurant so the Small Business Revolution judges will see it. We know they're watching... several people already have received online interactions from the show itself!

If you would like to volunteer, please submit your information below.

Thank you in advance for your support.

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Using the following options, please select where and when you will be able to help.

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